how did you do that?

There is no rule about how a club should look like. The only rule is: keep your guests entertained and make enough money so you can provide them this special experience many times more in the future. I can help you with that of course. There are many clubs that look fine and work great, others need some improvement or maybe just some extra thrills. But you probably know who your guests are better then I do and I am not here to lecture you.
So let's say you want me to play for you… what do you need?

  • A screen. Without a screen there is no projection. That can be a simple white wall or a few connected plasma screens behind the DJs or at the dance floor.
  • If you have the silver screen then a projector comes in handy. Make it a luminous one - the software can always darken the space a bit, but it is not possible the other way around of course. It doesn't have to be a HDTV pixel monster, even a XVGA resolution works if people are not standing too close to the screen.
  • Keep me near the DJs, I prefer standing next to them to see what they will play soon and what direction the music will turn to. And I prefer my tools to be connected to the DJ mixer, so the sound can influence the animations.
  • I need a bit of space. Like most of the DJs I do not only use my laptop but also midi-controller and other electronic wizardry.
  • And if you fly me in please keep in mind that I will be working all night long: Give me an extra day before the gig so I can do the set up and make it a late check out.