a VJ?

What on earth is a VJ? And what are visuals?

Visuals are actually all man made image that you see on stage or a club. Usually it is the look of a party night: decoration, lights, projections - they all go hand in hand to provide the guest a great experience.

I could write a FAQ actually about what a VJ is or what he does. But actually there really is no simple definition what a VJ does, as mostly every single VJ would define his art in a different way.
Some play music in combination with video, some operate lights and video and some - like me - concentrate on doing projections alone.

I know and have worked with VJs doing it differently then me and actually admired their work - like the incredible talented mash-up-artist Robin Skouteris or the belgian magician of lights VJ Top Cub. But this is not the way I work.
My work described in simple words: I take very short clips, stack them onto each other, animate and mix them live to the music I hear. I do transport the mood of the music onto the screen. I freely associate, the collage gets a live on it's own, it develops into something new constantly. And while I do that I hide collective memories underneath those piles of moving images. Be it images of your favorite animated cartoon series as a child or maybe some something you have seen on a big screen before or even in the privacy of your own home all alone in your bedroom. Don't blink - it might be over.